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Client Testimonials


Steve and I want to thank you for your home inspection of our property. We were thankful to have such an in depth report. When we questioned something we saw at a later date, we just pulled out your report & usually found what we were looking for.
Kaylyn C.

Steve O.

Bill and Diane were very professional and were willing to take the time to do a good job for the home-buyers. Having experience in construction and real estate- I believe this qualifies Bill to be above other inspectors; he knows all phases of the industry. He is very concerned and wants to make sure that he does a very thorough job. I would recommend Bill (Integrity Home Inspection) to anyone. I used him when I bought a home in Lincoln.

Dylan L.

Inspection was very thorough, it gave me a good understanding of what the house needed. The report was also very helpful, which reminds me of the important steps I need to make my home safe. Thanks

Chris H.

I thought you did a very good job and you were very thorough.

Bonnie M.

The inspection was very informative. Bill helped with a lot of little questions and was very helpful.

Karl F.

Bill did a Great job for us. He got to our inspection very rapidly. We have dealt with Bill before and this is why we used him again. If the need arises we would contact him again. He was very thorough in his findings and helpful in his explanations.

Marc T.

I was very pleased with the inspection done by your company. I felt that it was a thorough inspection & made me aware of any problems currently & also of those that could arise in time. Inspection results were professionally presented and all questions were answered. I Would not hesitate to recommend this company to others in need of a home inspection.

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