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Defective Bridging

Defective Bridging

Why should I have a Home Inspection?


You will have an experienced, trained professional looking out for your best interests, giving you accurate and valuable information, so you can move forward confidently.

  1. We are not there to help you negotiate. That is where your realtor comes in.
  2. We are not there to establish value. That is where the appraiser comes in; And to some degree, your Realtor.
  3. We are not there to provide bids on repairs; but could provide a list of contractors.
  4. Your inspector is there solely to accurately assess and communicate to you, the condition of the property you are purchasing.


  1. So buyers will see that you desire for your home to be in good condition for them.
  2. To give you more control in addressing any defects that may be revealed.

Chances are greater than ever before that the person buying your home will want to have it inspected. By catching any defects early (before they can later become a negotiating glitch), you can address those issues before you are bound by a contract, and before they cast a negative light on your property. When defects are discovered after the purchase-contract is signed and is now binding, the buyers may have some control over whom you hire, how the work is done, etc.

Also, due to time restraints, the contractor that you would normally choose may not be able to perform the work soon enough to satisfy all parties. The contractor that is the most available is often times not the most qualified, or the most cost-effective. Therefore, it is usually in your best interest to find and address "defects" early on in the marketing process.

Knowing that you had your home inspected before putting it on the market, will usually help buyers feel more comfortable about buying that home. However, some folks may still feel that an inspector that they hire will be more dedicated to looking out for their best interests than one hired by the seller.

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